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Now I am sure everyone has heard of The Good Samaritan when you were younger sitting in Sunday School. But I want to take a different look at this Good Samaritan.

You see, I see the Good Samaritan as a great example in the service and doing of hospitality. Jan_Wijnants_-_Parable_of_the_Good_Samaritan

As you may remember from your Bible lessons, there was a man that was walking along a road. He was then robbed by some bandits. He was beaten up and left for dead with his clothes stripped and all earthly possessions taken from him.

Along came a preacher that saw this man on the side of the road and decided that he did not want to get his hands dirty and so he passed this man by, not willing to help him.

Then, not too much time passes before another ‘holy man’ passes by this man that had been robbed and beaten. This holy man does what the preacher did and decides to keep on walking, not offering any help of any kind.

Then along comes a Samaritan. And if you remember, Samaritans were a bit of an outcast in Jesus’ day. No one really had anything to do with them.

But alas, along comes this Samaritan who stops to help the man on the side of the road. The Samaritan not only cleans him up and dresses his wounds but then he puts the man on his donkey and takes him into town. He goes into an inn and pays the innkeeper enough money for a room and for the guy to be looked after. The Samaritan informed the innkeeper that if it wasn’t enough money, then he would come back through in a week and pay the balance in full.


Customer satisfactionNow, I do not know about you , but to me, this Samaritan is a fine example of how we, in the hospitality industry, should behave with our customers. We should ALWAYS go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our customers are not just taken care of but are extremely happy with our service.

It really does not take a whole lot of extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction, but I can guarantee that it goes a super long way with them.

Another example of going above and beyond was told to me once during my training.

Here is the story….

There was a cabby who started working for a cab company. He noticed that the other cab drivers were always negative and complaining. He realized one day that he was starting to be negative towards his fares and his job.

He decided to make a change!

The cabby started dressing in a suit everyday. He had a cooler in his front seat full of cold bottled water, soda, and a few other selections. His cab was the cleanest in the entire city. He had a CD collection that covered just about every genre. He also had several different magazines available that the fare could look at.

When he came into the depot and the other cabbies saw him, they laughed at him and ridiculed him. But he smiled at them and held his head high.

He went on about his day.

Chauffeur DriverHis first fare climbed into the cab. The cabby offered him something cold to drink, asked him what music he would prefer to listen to and asked if he would enjoy some light reading on his ride.

The fare was amazed at this! A clean cab! A nice cabby! A ride that was actually enjoyable!

Fare after fare and day after day, this cabby continued to do this.

He started getting calls and special requests for pick ups. He tripled his salary. No longer did he have to go into the depot to wait on a fare to call in, he was getting more than he could handle. He was the most requested cabby in the city.

This is a very important lesson that we can all take to heart. This guy was amazing at being hospitable to his fares and they repaid him by tips and requesting him constantly.

If you are already in the hospitality industry, what can you do to make it a better place just by you being there?

Hospitality in General

Check it out, careers are still built by blending greater than one field including hotel and restaurant management.

As advanced because it is, information technology within the hospitality business is still going forward. Real estate is an investment, therefore it’s vital that you invest wherever your value will certainly rise.

If you’re planning to travel a good deal, it is advisable to join one of the numerous airline hospitality clubs provided by major airlines. Hotel and tourism careers can be found in a handful of different businesses. Renting an automobile in foreign countries might be more than you can or would desire to handle. International travel is regularly popular around the holiday season, and Americans are flocking to destinations throughout the globe this holidays.

culinary schoolCulinary schools in Chicago can provide the break to eventually be a worldwide chef. All associated degrees are offered through the web, but accelerated online programs make it simpler to make a certificate in much less time. Culinary is an important section of hospitality course. Chefs have the ability to get jobs straight away, when graduating from a culinary school.

Hospitality management is a broad term that features various kinds of careers. Just like with any sort of business, you should do lots of research before you begin operating. The hotel industry, as an integrated region of the travel sector, will probably create large employment opportunities in India as an effect of this projected growth. This is especially helpful in the event your company would like to combat a competitor with a bigger ad budget.

There are businesses too that pay annually. Here are a few of the jobs out there. These jobs offer opportunities for the standard worker in addition to the student with many flexibility in this area of jobs.

If you’re traveling to Jaipur, you will locate many hotels in Jaipur. All these interesting attractions combines with each other to provide a glorious appearance to this deserted state. Visitors traveling to Bikaner can take pleasure in the city attractions in addition to the standard Rajasthani culture.

Regardless of where you decide to stay, whether it’s a Nags Head hotel or perhapsouter banks a Duck resort, Outer Banks has all of it. The nation offers various attractions for the honeymooners. Any place which has attractions to provide visitors has an opportunity to draw in a growing number of residents.

It helps pass the time and aid you to learn some essential phrases. If you don’t know some easy phrases within the language of your own host country, you are going to feel very isolated. List places you believe you may want to visit. Before your journey, learn as much as possible concerning the culture you’re going to visit.

Whenever your guests are interested in being able enough to acquire fantastic food to eat it needs to be offered to them. The chefs must study how to cook unique cuisines, together with developing strong small business skills. Being a real chef isn’t a simple profession.

A terrific chef has the capacity to cook unique cuisines. May be without a really distinctive taste, the food achieves to enjoy a worldwide reputation.

There are so many twists and turns into the hospitality industry, you have to really look at all of the fields to narrow down which one you want to get into. From culinary to hotel management, and everything in between, there really is something for everyone!

Hotel Hospitality

hotel_hospitalityHospitality school online supplies a distinctive and easy-to-use way of fit student requirements. Fortunately, students have the choice of online courses resulting in a degree in hotel management, in case they’re unable to obtain an admission in an official college offering a college degree in hotel management. School of Hotel Administration in Cornell offers various hospitality courses at different degrees of specialization.

Today a degree within the hospitality management is quite popular among mid-career professionals and among the few programs which are worldwide respected. The internet hotel management courses are highly significant because of presence of numerous reputed on-line courses. Some courses will offer you internships also, where you are able to take time right out of the course to acquire on the work experience and study the general skills required in every area of the hotel management. Hospitality management training likewise helps in developing the knowledge and professional skills.

Numerous hotels were established within this decade. This was also the time as soon as the airline companies started to develop their particular hotels. Moreover, You will discover that it’s pleasant to keep at different hotels in Portoroz. Several hotels provide free breakfast.hotel hospitality

You’re really buying a fantastic hotel, cheap. You know you have to find an excellent hotel that isn’t likely to break the bank. When returning to your own hotel late within the evening, utilize the most important entrance of the hotel. A bed-and-breakfast or even a hotel with just a few rooms are going to have not as robust needs when compared to a massive resort.

In regards to deciding on a hotel there is surely a lot to take into account. Besides every one of these visitors may also enjoy the regal welcome and conventional Rajasthani charm staying within the hotel of Pushkar.

A hospitality manager has a very stressful job. has calculated the ordinary salary for assorted hospitality careers. There are lots of distinct careers within the hospitality industry. Aspiring candidates for hospitality management have to undergo a formal expert training.

Hotel management, famously known as hospitality management is an increasing discipline of academics all over the world. Career prospects within the hotel management industry are commonly branched out. Hospitality management jobs are among the top paying within the entire industry.

The hotel and catering industry has been among the fastest growing industries on the planet within the previous 50 decades. Year in, Year out, hospitality and tourism is amongst the fastest-growing industries on earth.

The hospitality business is broad with tremendous career chances for professionals using a college degree. There’s tremendous earning potential within the hospitality industry. This is only a fraction about what the hospitality industry can generate. The industry might be glamorous and exciting and will give you the opportunity to travel.

It’s vital that you get familiar with the ways a hotel operates, in the event you need space for an event, by way of example, he said. Actually, there’s a constant expansion of cyberspace hotel and hospitality concept each day. Further renovation happened in 1970 and 1985.

As a manager, you’re responsible for all that continues in your hotel or restaurant. Huge restaurants frequently have bookkeepers. A restaurant manager should guarantee food deliveries. You have to be an outstanding communicator and leader to be successful in hotel and restaurant management.

5 Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry

benefitsSo you think that you want to go into the hospitality industry, yes? Well, I would say that you can give yourself a high five for making a wise choice and a sound decision.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to work in this field and to succeed, but I believe that there are a lot of great things that come by following this course.

I am going to take you through a few of the benefits now and show you why it is that this career choice is so desirable.

The Top 5 Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry:

  1.  Lots of Perks – This is one of the main reasons that most people DO get into the hospitality industry. They want the perks that come along with it. It is not necessarily the only thing that drives a person into the field, but it is a big part of it and worth noting. There are plenty of perks to go around too. The benefits can range from free hotel accommodations to bonuses and travel. Who wouldn’t love that, right!
  2. Incredible opportunities – Variety is the spice of life, or at least it is in this industry. You really have to love variety to enjoy this line of work. In hospitality, you will never see a dull day. no matter what the challenge that comes you way, you are certain to have the opportunity to shine. This is the kind of job that you wake up and look forward to going to work everyday!
  3. Hard Work Rewarded – Speaking of having a chance to shine! A plus to this industry and a reason that many find themselves not interested in the corporate world is because they know that the only way to climb that ladder is to play the political games that exists in the corporate world. But if you are the type that likes to have your work and the quality of it, speak for itself. then the hospitality industry is your cup of tea! You are actually noticed for the hard work that you put forth and not only are you noticed, but your customers make sure to let upper management know when things are done right and not so right. The sky is the limit here!
  4. Being Appreciated – How many jobs do you know that involve thankless tasks? I thank youguarantee you that there are more than we care to admit or count! Now of course, we need folks to be able to do those jobs and there are people that are ok with doing those jobs. But if you want to feel some real appreciation, then working in hospitality is a sure fire way to get some. Especially if you are good and your customers love you. Your patrons will remind you day by day that you are awesome and that they love having you to wait on them! That is such a wonderful feeling to know that you just made someone else’s day just by being the best you can be!
  5. Stability – Knowing that the hospitality industry is going to continue to be around and thrive makes anyone looking at this as a career choice, a good one. People are always going to travel, people are always going to eat out, people are always going to vacation. No matter how technologically friendly we get, technology will never replace a human when it comes to hospitality. This is a very strong and robust career and it is here to stay.

One of my favorite things about my career choice other than the ones listed above is the ability to exercise creativity. There will always be an interesting challenge or a unique situation that arises and you will be able to put your creative side to work being able to handle those times!


Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

marketingMarketing in the Hospitality Industry with an internet presence, it’s now a much easier task and is quite simple to make use of the needed fundamentals of hospitality marketing to spruce up the company. As advanced because it is, information technology within the hospitality business is still going forward. Before we can highlight some great benefits of this research in management, let’s effectively observe the concept.

Intranet technology is really well suited for presenting several types of e-learning content in a variety of formats to the workers. Intranet allows employees to see documents in several rich format applications together with video and audio.

As the hospitality industry has witnessed a fixed rise in these years the job chances for chefs also have grown considerably. Lastly, they ought to be abreast with the most recent trends within the food and beverage industry. Good training is very important within the hospitality industry. You may choose the overall hospitality industry and certainly will discover you have lots of options with regard to employment opportunities.

Hotel management, also called hospitality management is an increasing discipline of academics around the globe. Catering is among the top rising sectors within the restaurant industry. This has affected the neighborhood markets dramatically.

If you’re interested in working within the hospitality industry, offshore catering jobs are a fine means to start with. They are prepared to provide superior salary and other advantages to attract highly qualified job seekers. There are many job openings for assorted positions in this business. Normal duties included within the work description of the housekeeper are as follows.

I am hoping after reading this article you got a fair concept about the front office manager salary, the work description along with the skills required within this profession. Being a real chef may be rewarding career choice, since this industry has excellent career opportunities. In summary, housekeeping in virtually any sorts of establishment is a key task.

There is a variety of employees who aren’t conscious of the benefits which are provided to them in their compensation package. They should earn a note about what all benefits other organizations are providing, which might attract their present employees. Employers have to lower their bureaucratic procedures in order for those employees to get the very best available benefits with no difficulty. Those hired for large-scale corporate firms make a decent pay as well as enjoy added benefits like accommodation, medical insurance, and other advantages.

Infrastructural facilities in a single nation differs from another nation. Outside of the new graduates, there’s also a higher demand for people who have experience working in hotels and restaurants, especially in areas coping with customers, like front office. Many spas offer some other advantages to spa receptionists like traveling allowance.

Take advantage of the many avenues available to you today as well as the travel business is definitely worth the effort! The hotels perform a broad range of business activities, so that you may even alter the field easily. This is actually the prime reason many mid-level executives leave the firm.

Implementing Intranet in a small business organization helps save substantial time plus money in the very long run. If they find a proper work environment in a particular company, they may work in an identical organization for many decades. This research assists the marketers to earn a decision about the item or support. The item quality was enhanced in order to retain the consumers.