5 Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry

benefitsSo you think that you want to go into the hospitality industry, yes? Well, I would say that you can give yourself a high five for making a wise choice and a sound decision.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to work in this field and to succeed, but I believe that there are a lot of great things that come by following this course.

I am going to take you through a few of the benefits now and show you why it is that this career choice is so desirable.

The Top 5 Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry:

  1.  Lots of Perks – This is one of the main reasons that most people DO get into the hospitality industry. They want the perks that come along with it. It is not necessarily the only thing that drives a person into the field, but it is a big part of it and worth noting. There are plenty of perks to go around too. The benefits can range from free hotel accommodations to bonuses and travel. Who wouldn’t love that, right!
  2. Incredible opportunities – Variety is the spice of life, or at least it is in this industry. You really have to love variety to enjoy this line of work. In hospitality, you will never see a dull day. no matter what the challenge that comes you way, you are certain to have the opportunity to shine. This is the kind of job that you wake up and look forward to going to work everyday!
  3. Hard Work Rewarded – Speaking of having a chance to shine! A plus to this industry and a reason that many find themselves not interested in the corporate world is because they know that the only way to climb that ladder is to play the political games that exists in the corporate world. But if you are the type that likes to have your work and the quality of it, speak for itself. then the hospitality industry is your cup of tea! You are actually noticed for the hard work that you put forth and not only are you noticed, but your customers make sure to let upper management know when things are done right and not so right. The sky is the limit here!
  4. Being Appreciated – How many jobs do you know that involve thankless tasks? I thank youguarantee you that there are more than we care to admit or count! Now of course, we need folks to be able to do those jobs and there are people that are ok with doing those jobs. But if you want to feel some real appreciation, then working in hospitality is a sure fire way to get some. Especially if you are good and your customers love you. Your patrons will remind you day by day that you are awesome and that they love having you to wait on them! That is such a wonderful feeling to know that you just made someone else’s day just by being the best you can be!
  5. Stability – Knowing that the hospitality industry is going to continue to be around and thrive makes anyone looking at this as a career choice, a good one. People are always going to travel, people are always going to eat out, people are always going to vacation. No matter how technologically friendly we get, technology will never replace a human when it comes to hospitality. This is a very strong and robust career and it is here to stay.

One of my favorite things about my career choice other than the ones listed above is the ability to exercise creativity. There will always be an interesting challenge or a unique situation that arises and you will be able to put your creative side to work being able to handle those times!


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