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Now I am sure everyone has heard of The Good Samaritan when you were younger sitting in Sunday School. But I want to take a different look at this Good Samaritan.

You see, I see the Good Samaritan as a great example in the service and doing of hospitality. Jan_Wijnants_-_Parable_of_the_Good_Samaritan

As you may remember from your Bible lessons, there was a man that was walking along a road. He was then robbed by some bandits. He was beaten up and left for dead with his clothes stripped and all earthly possessions taken from him.

Along came a preacher that saw this man on the side of the road and decided that he did not want to get his hands dirty and so he passed this man by, not willing to help him.

Then, not too much time passes before another ‘holy man’ passes by this man that had been robbed and beaten. This holy man does what the preacher did and decides to keep on walking, not offering any help of any kind.

Then along comes a Samaritan. And if you remember, Samaritans were a bit of an outcast in Jesus’ day. No one really had anything to do with them.

But alas, along comes this Samaritan who stops to help the man on the side of the road. The Samaritan not only cleans him up and dresses his wounds but then he puts the man on his donkey and takes him into town. He goes into an inn and pays the innkeeper enough money for a room and for the guy to be looked after. The Samaritan informed the innkeeper that if it wasn’t enough money, then he would come back through in a week and pay the balance in full.


Customer satisfactionNow, I do not know about you , but to me, this Samaritan is a fine example of how we, in the hospitality industry, should behave with our customers. We should ALWAYS go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our customers are not just taken care of but are extremely happy with our service.

It really does not take a whole lot of extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction, but I can guarantee that it goes a super long way with them.

Another example of going above and beyond was told to me once during my training.

Here is the story….

There was a cabby who started working for a cab company. He noticed that the other cab drivers were always negative and complaining. He realized one day that he was starting to be negative towards his fares and his job.

He decided to make a change!

The cabby started dressing in a suit everyday. He had a cooler in his front seat full of cold bottled water, soda, and a few other selections. His cab was the cleanest in the entire city. He had a CD collection that covered just about every genre. He also had several different magazines available that the fare could look at.

When he came into the depot and the other cabbies saw him, they laughed at him and ridiculed him. But he smiled at them and held his head high.

He went on about his day.

Chauffeur DriverHis first fare climbed into the cab. The cabby offered him something cold to drink, asked him what music he would prefer to listen to and asked if he would enjoy some light reading on his ride.

The fare was amazed at this! A clean cab! A nice cabby! A ride that was actually enjoyable!

Fare after fare and day after day, this cabby continued to do this.

He started getting calls and special requests for pick ups. He tripled his salary. No longer did he have to go into the depot to wait on a fare to call in, he was getting more than he could handle. He was the most requested cabby in the city.

This is a very important lesson that we can all take to heart. This guy was amazing at being hospitable to his fares and they repaid him by tips and requesting him constantly.

If you are already in the hospitality industry, what can you do to make it a better place just by you being there?

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